Growing from the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, City Tower’s entryway is alive with flowering plants native to Brooklyn.

Inside, the lobby's feature wall is crafted with soft wood joists reclaimed from a warehouse in Williamsburg. The chandeliers are custom built in Lindsay Adelman’s Brooklyn workshop and the furnishings come from other local businesses. The corridors are adorned with a custom wall covering by Brooklyn-based Flavor Paper.

Outside, the curtain wall cladding by Permasteelisa Group and design by renowned architectural firm COOKFOX provide an enduring element for Brooklyn’s skyline.

LEED Living

City Tower was designed with sustainability in mind. Recycled materials, such as steel, gypsum board and concrete, contribute to a more sustainable development. Inside, the design of City Tower is just as efficient and thoughtful. Filtered air and the use of low VOC emitting materials contribute to a higher quality of life. Certified wood, that has been sustainability harvested, has been incorporated throughout. Additionally, City Tower is a smoke-free building, providing purer air quality to its residents.

With emphasis on interior and exterior water conservation, low flow fixtures have been utilized to reduce water consumption. The landscape design features native vegetation that limits the amount of water required for irrigation. Landscaping with a high-efficiency drip irrigation system maximizes efficiency and minimizes water loss to evaporation.

LEED Living

Resident access to open and green spaces is featured throughout the tower. The eighteenth floor amenity space will be an oasis overlooking Downtown Brooklyn, with abundant landscaping to promote biodiversity as well as mitigate the heat island effect during hot New York summers.

The location, at the heart of Downtown Brooklyn and twenty feet from a major subway station, will encourage building residents and their visitors to use public transportation, thereby cutting down on car emissions.